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I would like to share with you how my reborn art dolls are made since there are many different techniques and mediums used by each reborn artist.


The first thing that i do is wash the blank vinyl doll kit in warm soapy water to remove any debris that may be left from the factory production.
Then you let the vinyl dry completely.

I use genesis heat set paints and mediums applied in very thin layers and baked in between each layer.

I will sometimes use artist grade pencils for nail tips and eye brows etc.

After all the painting is finished I use genesis mediums to seal and protect the paint.(this is also heat set.)

Varnish is used for the nails and possibly the lips.

Either acrylic or glass eyes are inserted in awake babies.

Eyelashes can be hand rooted or glued on ..depending on the baby.


The hair is either painted or hand rooted with premium mohair,
Rooted hair is applied with a small felting needle one or two hairs at a time and then glued from inside the head to seal and keep the tiny hairs in.

What's inside the baby ?

I use jointed soft doe suede fabric bodies , plastic polly pellets enclosed in either a nylon or a latex type glove, small glass beads are used for weight also and inserted into the glove or nylon.

I use glass beads in the babies limbs premium soft polly fill and seal with a plug or if plugs are not available I will use a very strong glue and felt to seal the limbs and head.

If neodymium magnets are used they are glued with a strong E-6000 glue , these are used to hold the magnet pacifier or hair bows etc in place.


If you have any questions at all please contact me.

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