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We do take custom orders when time permits.
Use the contact me page to inquire about having your special baby made just for you or a special gift for a loved one. 

The cost will vary depending on which kit and what all you want done to it.
You can choose the kit ,skin color ,bald,rooted or painted hair,eye type and  color if it's an open eye baby.

Glass eyes
Tummy or back plates ~ Mostly used for display purposes.
Heart beats
Boutique clothing

I Require a 100.00 non refundable deposit at time of placing your order. This is used to order the supplies and kit etc I need to make your baby.

I generally allow 4-6 weeks to complete your baby and you can set up how you wish to pay the remaining balance at the time of placing order.
Either scheduled payments or once the baby is completed at the agreed upon time.

Failure to pay within the agreed time frame will result in the loss of your deposit and the baby will be placed up for adoption.
(I have never had to do this nor do i want to but need to protect myself.)

If you ordering a doll for a child to play with i do make them and they are usually not as detailed as the adult collector babies and usually cost less.
* I will not add magnets to play babies due to choking and or swallowing hazards*

My nine year old grandson snuck into my studio and was messing with these magnets and wound up with 4 of them stuck in his nose and we could not get them out. He was in pain from magnetic pull and crying his eyes out .. Had to make a trip to the E.R. and the life flight crew happened to be there they have a special magnetic puller and got them out.
I am sure one day this will be one of those things we remember and laugh about.
Hope to hear from you soon !
Thanks for visiting our custom page.

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